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Tuesday, February 18, 2020
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From Sister's Desk


Sister Maria Inviolata is a member of the Sisters of Our Mother of Divine Grace. Assigned by Bishop Joseph Cistone, DD as the Pastoral Administrator of Ave Maria Parish, she resides with her community in Port Sanilac, at St. Mary's convent. Check back weekly for updates and current happenings at our Parish.

February 9th: 5th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Dear Parish Family,

Today we celebrate World Marriage Sunday. Marriage and family concerns everyone. Each of us comes from a family. Each of us is a son or a daughter. In God’s plan every child is meant to be the fruit of his or her mother’s and father’s love for each other in the sacred bond of marriage. This is why conversations about marriage and the family in the public square concern all of us, and this is why the Church’s teaching on marriage and family is important of us. Even for those of us who find our family situation difficult-and that probably includes all of us at one time or another! We each have a role to play in God’s vision of the family. Ultimately, all of us are part of perfect family-God’s family-as beloved sons and daughters of God the Father. Very early in the life of the Church, the Christian family, founded upon the covenant of marriage between husband and wife, together with any children they were blessed with, became understood as the domestic church. The understanding has profound implications. What does it mean to call the family the domestic church? The Catechism of the Catholic Church speaks of the family as the place where one learns endurance and the joy of work, fraternal love, generous-even repeated-forgiveness and above all divine worship in prayer and the offering of one’s life. Family life is where we are meant to learn to love. The family has its foundation in the promise of lifelong, faithful, and fruitful love between husband and wife. Married love gives an exceptional witness to the fact that love has a language, and that language is the gift of self. The home is the school of love, where we learn to counter selfishness with self-giving, and rejection with acceptance. No marriage and family are perfect. The key is in constantly striving to love, taking the risk to love, every single day. Such love always bears fruit, even if we don’t immediately see its results. The family as the domestic church, is called to be a school of forgiveness. Every day, we are reminded that we are all sinners in need of mercy, forgiveness, and healing. This is the great task of the family, which begins with the husband and wife, father and mother. Spouses who regularly forgive each other, and seek to love each other more fully, hand on a precious gift to their children and to those around them. True forgiveness does not overlook the evil committed-it accounts for it but then introduces something new: mercy, healing, and a renewed beginning. And now for prayer: to love and to forgive in the way that Christ calls us requires the Lord’s grace. Only by prayer-itself a grace-do we keep the Lord at the center and recognize our need for Him. We’ve likely heard the line from Fr. Patrick Peyton: The family that prays together stays together. This isn’t a formula for a life of ease, but rather a promise of hope because a family that prays together makes room for God and for His grace and mercy at the center of the home. (

God bless you all

Sister Maria Inviolata, SMDG