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Saturday, February 24, 2018
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First Sunday of Lent

Lent225x22510 Things to Remember for Lent

1. Remember the formula. Prayer, Fasting, and Almsgiving are the three things we need to work on this season.

2. It’s time for prayer. Lent is essentially an act of prayer spread out over 40 days.

3. It’s a time to fast. With the fasts of Ash Wednesday and Good Friday, meatless Fridays, and our personal disciplines interspersed, Lent is the only time many Catholics these days actually fast.

4. It’s a time to work on discipline. Instead of giving something up, it can be doing some- thing positive.

5. It’s about dying to yourself. The more serious side of Lenten discipline is that it’s about more than self-control – it’s about finding aspects of yourself that are less than Christ-like and letting them die.

6. Don’t do too much. It’s tempting to make Lent some ambitious period of personal reinvention, but it’s best to keep it simple and focused.

7. Lent reminds us of our weakness. This can be painful, but recognizing how helpless we are makes us seek God’s help with renewed urgency and sincerity.

8. Be patient with yourself. God is calling us to be patient and to see ourselves as he does, with unconditional love.

9. Reach out in charity. Almsgiving is about more than throwing a few extra dollars in the collection plate; it’s about reaching out to others and helping them without question as a way of sharing the experience of God’s unconditional love.

10. Learn to love like Christ. Lent is a journey through the desert to the foot of the Cross on Good Friday, as we seek him out, ask his help, join in his suffering, and learn to love like him.



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Weekly Parish Calendar

 February 18th: 1st Sunday of Lent
 February 19th:  Eucharistic Holy Hour followed by dinner and a movie at St. Mary's beginning at 5:00 pm
 February 20th: Soup & Stations of the Cross beginning with Soup Supper at 6 pm followed by Stations.  This week it will be held at St. Denis.
 February 21st: Faith Formation beginning at 6 pm at St. Mary's.
 February 22nd: Feast of St. Peter's Chair in Rome
 February 23rd: Remember Abstinence today.  Knights of Columbus will be having a Fish Fry beginning at 4pm at their hall.

Making Sleeping Mats for the Homeless.  Come and hear the plan. After 9 am Mass Monday morning at St, Denis in the Parish Hall.
Communal Penance Service will be Wednesday, March 14th. 3:30 PM at St. Denis 6:30 PM at St. Mary’s


February 22, 2018


While the Solemnity of Sts. Peter and Paul, celebrated on June 29, focuses on the martyrdom of St. Peter, the celebration of the Feast of the Chair of St. Peter draws attention to his role in the Church. The “Chair of St. Peter” is an image of his seat of authority—an authority that was given not for his own personal gain but so that he could be a source of unity for the Church. Jesus told Peter, “I have prayed that your own faith may not fail; and once you have turned back, you must strengthen your brothers” (Lk 22:32). Today, this feast reminds us of the significance of the ministry of St. Peter and the succession of popes who followed in his footsteps.

MAlogoAve Maria Parish Mission Statement

Ave Maria Parish is a Catholic faith community who welcomes all people to our Christian family. We are disciples and sacramental followers of Jesus Christ. In our chosen vocations, we call upon the Blessed Mother’s intercession and recognize the power of the Holy Spirit within each of us to carry out God’s work.

We strive to grow together in holiness through prayer, reception of the sacraments, faith formation and evangelization. Through the grace of God, we extend ourselves to each other and our community to proclaim the love and teachings of Jesus Christ.