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Friday, September 22, 2017
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What Do We Know About Angels?

by Larry Rice 

arcanjos com jesus web siteOn September 29th of each year, the Church celebrates the Feast of the Archangels, and on October 2, the feast day of the Guardian Angels is celebrated. Although angels have been theologically out of fashion in recent years, they continue to play an important part in popular piety and spirituality.

So what is an angel? There is so much misinformation and fanciful speculation about angels that a look at the Catholic understanding of these creatures might be helpful.

First of all, angels are spiritual beings created by God to do his will. They are not the souls of the faithful departed, and when we get to heaven, we do not become angels. Although they are often depicted by artists as having wings and halos, or as pudgy little cherubs, angels have no physical form, so they don’t actually look like anything.

Accounts of angels appear throughout the Bible. Often they are God’s messengers, as in the scene of the Annunciation in Luke’s Gospel, where an archangel appears to Mary and tells her that she will bear the Messiah, if she is willing. Angels are often depicted as ministers of God’s mercy and compassion, and often they fight against the forces of evil. In some places in the Scriptures, there’s not much distinction between the actions of the angels, and of God himself, as in the scene of Jacob wrestling with God. Or was it an angel?

In the Middle Ages, many writers were very interested in angels, and compiled fanciful works purporting to list the various ranks and names of the angels. Oddly enough, there are plenty of similar books for sale today, and they’re just as imaginative. The Church has said very little about angels in its formal teaching capacity. The most important thing to remember about angels is that they are a manifestation of God’s love and care for us. We can’t say too much more than that, and we really don’t need to.

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 Sept. 17th - 24th Sunday in Ordinary Time
 Sept. 18th - Eucharistic Holy Hour at 5:00 pm followed by dinner: St. Mary's Church and Center
 Sept. 20th: "Meet & Greet" beginning of Faith Formation. All parents are welcome to attend.  Starts at 6:00 pm St. Mary's Center.
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FYI: Relics of Padre Pio, will be available for veneration on September 29, at our Cathedral in Saginaw from 8:00 am (beginning with a procession) until 8:30 pm. Noon Mass with Bishop Cistone. All are invited.


Prayer to Our Lady of Czestochowa

Our Lady of Czestochowa Gold Framed Print 12918

Holy Mother of Czestochowa, you are full of grace, goodness and mercy. I consecrated to you all my thoughts, words and actions - my soul and body. I beseech your blessings and especially prayers for my salvation.

Today I consecrate myself to you, good Mother, totally - with body and soul amid joy and sufferings, to obtain for myself and others your blessings on this earth and eternal life in heaven. Amen

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Ave Maria Parish is a Catholic faith community who welcomes all people to our Christian family. We are disciples and sacramental followers of Jesus Christ. In our chosen vocations, we call upon the Blessed Mother’s intercession and recognize the power of the Holy Spirit within each of us to carry out God’s work.

We strive to grow together in holiness through prayer, reception of the sacraments, faith formation and evangelization. Through the grace of God, we extend ourselves to each other and our community to proclaim the love and teachings of Jesus Christ.